Sunday is Right Around the Corner

Friday was dark. It was the darkest the world had ever been. Never had desperation, discouragement, and despair blanketed the world like the day Jesus died a horrible death and was put in a grave. The King of Kings endured treatment that could only be classified as cruelest of the cruel.

Imagine how distraught, alone, and confused those involved must have felt. The path toward solutions to the problems they were facing must have seemingly come to a dead end. The questions that they had swirling in their minds must have overwhelmed them, as they stood there with no answers in sight. Jesus was gone. Therefore, so was peace of mind, comfort, assurance, and rest for their troubled souls.

A few years ago, I wrote a song entitled, “You Saw Beyond the Cross.” The lyrics of the first verse are as follows: “We sometimes picture what it must have been like that day; the darkness must have been so cold and deep. It breaks our hearts to know You were mocked and scorned that way. The sight of all our sin must have made You weep.”

It is a picture of a world void of light, life, and love. Friday was incredibly dark.

But Sunday? Sunday was the brightest the world had ever been! A talking, walking miracle was in their midst. The turnaround from Friday to Sunday was one for the record books. Depressed to ecstatic! Defeated to triumphant!

One thing that fascinates me about the Easter story is the way an awful situation changed so very dramatically when most likely, there were not many signs that made anyone suspect that the greatest miracle known to man was about to occur. The Resurrection comes alive in a whole new way when we realize the two extremes: how depressingly dark the world was on Friday and how brilliantly bright the world was on Sunday!

Do I doubt that God is working when I am feeling forgotten? I have to admit that during those moments, I have been talked into thinking that He found something more important to do. However, He might be working behind the scenes or waiting on someone else to make a decision that sets His plan in motion.

We have the choice to wait in hope and joy to see what He is going to accomplish or to not wait that way! Either way, we are on His timetable. Waiting in confidence looks a lot different to God (and others) than waiting with bitterness. One way of waiting sure pleases Him!

I want to encourage you with the fact that our God IS faithful. There have been times when I truly did not see a solution in sight, and I felt like Jesus was ‘gone.’ Then, seemingly out of nowhere, God came through. He was faithful yet again. We serve a God of victory!

Please remember when a situation is seemingly at its bleakest and most miserable…when you are going through a “Friday” in your life, Sunday IS coming!

Keep trusting God – Sunday is right around the corner!


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