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This college athlete devotional was released on March 28th, 2017!

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This review that I recently received touched me!! THIS is exactly why I wrote it and why I’ve been praying that God would use it to make a positive impact on the reader’s faith!

Review by Sheila Quach

My daughter has been an athlete her whole life just about. And with her walking into her last year of homeschool, we can feel college within reach. And with that is a whole other world of problems, decisions, challenges, and discoveries. But we also know there will be plenty of blessings, friendships, excitement, and joy. For her, she will need to balance it all along with her studies. We will be able to see firsthand how the fruits of our labor as her parents turn out. Thankfully, she will not be alone; her heavenly Father will be right there with her every step of the way while her Dad and I will be back home on our knees praying for her. All this said, I was intrigued and surprised to find a Devotional for College Athletes. All in For Him is a 21-day devotional written by Gwen Thielges.

Mahala swooped it up quickly and couldn’t wait to start reading. We usually do devotionals together, but I felt like this one she should do on her own. But we ended up re-reading a few of them together because she enjoyed them so much. My heart was touched when she brought me the book and it was highlighted, verses were circled, hearts around key words and stars and notes in the margins. My fruits are looking pretty good right now I think as I listen to her go on and on about what God has put in her heart.

We both agree that each devotional is only a page, two at most. They are very easy to read, straight to the point, and the message is richly rooted in the Word of God. This would make an excellent gift to any athlete in high school or college. You can feel Gwen’s love for God, her faith and family, and it’s poured into each devotional. Very practical topics are discussed that our student athletes are up against like respecting authority, being a role model, leadership, winning, social media, and having Godly confidence and humility to name a few.

Each day is filled with a short devotion, several prayers, and scripture that corresponds. You are encouraged to spend quiet time with the Lord and to let the verses and prayers marinate in your heart as you strengthen the connection between Christ and the talent He has given you. Mahala loved the prayers and has a few of them written out on 3×5 cards taped all over her wall beside her bedroom door. She reads at least one of them as she walks out throughout the day. Her only complaint about this book is that it was only 21 days, but it has ignited a spark in her that she is truly thankful for.

-Product review by Sheila Quach, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017

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What are people saying?


John Stiegelmeier, Head Football Coach,           South Dakota State University

As a Christian coach, I have tried to combine my faith with my sport. All believers know the effect of a strong faith in getting through the ups and downs of life or sport. Gwen Thielges takes many of the special topics an athlete faces and helps them through it. The pressure on athletes these days is great. This devotion will be a calming force in the life of any athlete.






David J. Richman, Head Basketball Coach,        North Dakota State University

Basketball and sports in general, are great reminders that we can’t go through life and/or sports alone. Having great faith assures us that we are not alone and makes our paths brighter along our journeys. Gwen uses real life situations and circumstances to show us how we can use our faith to help us through both the good times as well as bad times, while not compromising our character and integrity along the way.





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Michelle Medlock Adams,                   best-selling and award-winning author

Gwen has written a devotional that should be in the gym bag of every college athlete. As a former sportswriter and college cheerleader, I know the struggles that college athletes face–the struggle of balancing a busy schedule, the pressure of being a good role model, and the drive to be your best even when your best doesn’t seem to be good enough, etc. College athletes face many challenges but are also given many opportunities. Having the right mindset is crucial for a successful college experience, and having thi





Scott Berry,    Head Baseball Coach,        Mayville State University

I have been a coach for over 40 years with 35+ years spent as a head coach at the collegiate level. I have coached hundreds of young men and I was blessed to coach my three sons during a 14 consecutive year span. ALL IN FOR HIM is a tremendous devotional for any collegiate student-athlete and I recommend it without hesitation to all of my former and current ‘boys’ as well as the young ladies playing collegiate sports. Gwen has addressed important and vital topics in a superior and practical way for every young man and woman. The ‘r




Nathan Stover, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Wayne State College

“All In For Him” is not just a daily devotional. It is a daily resource for bringing God’s Word into the specific experiences an athlete, team, or coach goes through during the season.  I especially feel that a college athlete will grow in their relationship with Christ as they read this!







Scott Nagy, Head Men’s BB Coach, Wright State University

I have known and worked with countless new young college student-athletes over the span of my coaching career. Gwen’s devotional could certainly help students successfully intertwine their faith with their collegiate athletic careers. Interacting daily with God’s word and with Him–with the help of this devotional, can help students develop a habit that will serve them well as they continue to grow and ma




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