“All In For Him” College Athlete Devotional

allinforhimlargefrontI have to say I am both excited and nervous about the new territory I am finding myself in: I wrote a 21-day devotional for college athletes and in a few months, it will be available through Crosslink Publishing, Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble! When Crosslink Publishing contacted me and said they had selected “All In For Him” as one of the books they want to publish this year, I was ridiculously excited. And then soon after that, I became ridiculously nervous. What do I know about the publishing process? Nothing! Absolutely nothing…

So, I am diving in and learning as I go.

I requested and received some endorsements from some great people, I wrote a bio, I wrote a subtitle, I have read through my manuscript endless times to look for typos even after it has been edited by the publishing company, and now I am looking at ways to market it. I may know nothing about publishing, but I know even less about marketing!!

God gave me this idea, and He has been guiding me through it. So…I am just going to keep walking…trying to hold on to His hand. I am just going to keep feeling excited and nervous, but I am also going to keep being confident in the One Who has proven Himself to be faithful again and again and again. I am trying to take the approach of going “All In For Him.”

If you think of it, I would be very appreciative if you would say a prayer for me as I try to navigate this new terrain!  An even more important prayer I would ask you to join me in is as college athletes read this devotional, their faith will grow stronger. That they will see that responding to the issues they face with a Christlike attitude can impact coaches, teammates, and fans alike. That they will see how going “All In For Him” is the way to go!





7 thoughts on ““All In For Him” College Athlete Devotional

  1. Lisa Preuett

    Hey There! I connected with you on Twitter and saw that Crosslink is publishing your book. So excited for you! They published my book in November, Embracing The Race:40 Devotions for the Runner’s Soul. Sounds like our books might have some common threads. So many parallels between sports and our walk with God! Crosslink is great about walking you through the process one step at a time. Rick Bates is really helpful! I’m a first time author as well and it’s definitely been a learning process. Marketing/promoting a book is very time consuming but if you follow everything they tell you to do, it will all come together. Blessings to you as you go through this exciting journey.

    1. gthielges

      Thank you for your message and encouragement, Lisa! And I agree that it sounds like our books might have some common themes – I am intrigued by your devotional – will definitely have to check it out! SO GOOD to hear from someone who is going down the same path. God bless you!


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