What Will You Do With The Gift?

Imagine that during this Christmas season you told someone there is a gift waiting for them with their name on it. And, guess what? That particular gift will renew their perspective, remind them of their priorities, and reveal their purpose. What if that person said, “Wow, that gift sounds awesome! How wonderful to have access to that!”…and then they never, ever opened it? Would you be outraged? Shocked? Puzzled, at the very least?

What about you? If that gift was offered to you, would you ignore it and allow it to remain wrapped? Of course not!

But we all do it! We leave one of our most beautiful treasures unopened. Friends, we’ve been given a gift beyond words: a love letter from the Originator of Love! We’ve been given a Holy Book that is filled with love, lessons, and life. Literally!

The Bible reminds us who we are, whose we are, and how we can live in a way that communicates God’s life-saving message to others. It’s a gift of being in His presence and hearing His voice speaking directly to us.

When it comes to the the gift of His Word, why do we sometimes pretend it’s not there or dismiss it as an unimportant aspect of our Christian walk?

Sometimes the thought is, “The Bible is hard to understand.” Yes, some parts ARE difficult to grasp. Remember, we serve a God whose ways are above our ways! That doesn’t mean we should avoid His Word…instead, that could be one of the reasons we strive to get to know Him better through His Word!

I’ve heard people say the Old Testament is boring or that it does not relate to today’s world. However, as I’ve begun to see the historical relevance, the way in which the Old Testament and New Testament completely intertwine, and the character of God revealed through the ‘pre-Jesus’ time of the world, I’ve come to love that part of Scripture!

I’d be lying if I said that the quality and quantity of my Bible-reading-time is currently where it should be. But, may I say to you that the times in my life when I have taken the time to delve into the Bible and take His Words to heart, I’ve been able to hear Him speaking to me much more clearly.

While reading your Bible regularly will not mean that your life will become peaceful and free from hardship, your ability to deal with those messy life circumstances will improve immensely.

Your focus won’t be the problem anymore. Your focus will be the One that’s bigger than the problem. Your focus won’t be what everyone is thinking of you anymore. Your focus will be the loving thoughts your Heavenly Father has toward you which are found all over in His Word!

As a mom, through the years when my husband and I have given our children a gift, their thankful reaction and smile has brought us happiness. Imagine the happiness we bring our Heavenly Father once we unwrap His Inspired Word and see, experience, and thank Him for such an indescribable gift. May today be the day you open it!

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