Jesus is Bigger Than the Waves

I’ve heard it said before that when we face adversity, our eyes are either on the waves or they’re on Jesus. Phrases like this come from the Bible story of Peter successfully walking on water toward Jesus until he shifted his focus from His Savior to the wind-tossed waves. Then he began to sink.

When we look at this Bible story from the perspective of the pandemic we are experiencing, there are plenty of waves that could potentially prevent us from getting closer to Jesus. 

Any challenge concerning this virus could be in the wave category: the news reports, the statistics, the daily decisions we must make, etc. I would never encourage avoiding those things in order to put our focus on Jesus. We should absolutely stay informed and responsible, but we don’t have to be consumed by the waves. Just like Peter, if we choose to focus on problems rather than Jesus, we’ll begin to sink. Now is the time to reach our hand to Him and ask Him to help us and give us wisdom in order to walk in faith and rest in His love.

Jesus is bigger than all of the wind-tossed waves we are navigating right now. Monitor the waves, but meditate on Jesus. 

He’s got this. And He’s waiting for us to walk toward Him.

4 thoughts on “Jesus is Bigger Than the Waves

  1. Being Woven

    Thank you. Waves are certainly out there and here on the shore, yet Jesus is the Rock upon which we stand. Yes, we need to keep our focus on Him and Him alone. I cannot imagine going through this without Him. I find an ‘urgency’ in this times to share Christ and I am a reluctant evangelist, but God is showing me the way to be able to share the Good News.

    1. gthielges

      I can’t imagine going through it without Him either! What you said is so true…we are feeling an urgency to share Christ with others and He will definitely show us how to do it! Thank you for stopping by!


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