I Trust You, But…

There is a specific prayer I’ve been consistently lifting to God for the last year.

Sometimes, I ask Him to give me just a tiny glimpse of a sign that He is hearing my prayer and working in this situation.

Sometimes I feel renewed in my belief that the answer is on its way. Sometimes I don’t, and then my prayer is punctuated with tears.

Sometimes I consider taking a break from praying about this specific situation because I convince myself God is sick of hearing about it.

Sometimes I believe His perceived silence means that other parts of the plan are getting set in motion.

Sometimes I believe He is developing a characteristic in me that I need to be equipped with to better handle the answer to the prayer once it comes.

And sometimes I conclude my prayer with, “Lord, I trust You, but…,” along with a variety of the following options: but I don’t see You working, but I don’t get why it’s taking so long, but maybe I heard You wrong, but maybe my prayer is on the bottom of Your list.

This morning was one of those times.

Then I glanced at my coffee cup. There in bright white letters that stood out against a black background was the word trust. Beneath it was Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

This passage is worth memorizing. And maybe in my case, tattooing in fluorescent letters in a very visible location on my body. 😉  I can be a forgetful gal at times, in need of constant, conspicuous reminders that trusting God is an all-your-heart, no-buts-about-it endeavor.

Don’t get me wrong – when the word but enters the picture, I believe we should be honest and admit it to God. I advocate authenticity in confessing lack of trust. However, I also believe we should not be content to stay in that place of doubt. Focus on the times He has been faithful in the past and the ways He continues to prove Himself in the present. Be thankful that He is steadfast and sure. Before we know it, the word but may steadily decrease and eventually disappear from our prayers. 

Tomorrow during my quiet time, my goal is to fill that cup with coffee and empty my prayer of the word but.

Prayer: Lord, You are a prayer-answering God, and You are worthy of complete trust. Help us to put our hope in You fully. Thank You for Your patience, love, and care. Amen.

8 thoughts on “I Trust You, But…

  1. Cindy

    Yes, trusting God completely takes much faith and well, trust! I learned about 30 years ago how I could trust God in the little things and saw His faithfulness. Makes it so much easier to trust God in the big things. Let’s do a study together!

    1. gthielges

      Amen, Cindy – so true! He is so worthy of our trust, and He proves Himself again and again. Thank you for commenting. A study together would be wonderful. I am interested in the Bible study you have on your site – I’ll soon be checking it out!

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  3. Pure Glory

    God is so faithful. When I say “but,” to God, doubt and unbelief have come in. Instead, i have been renewing my mind in the Word of God. Also, i have rehearsed the many times he answered by prayers. Lastly, i have been praising him, that it is already done. God always does!

    1. gthielges

      Amen! It is vital for us to continually remind ourselves of His faithfulness – He will never fail us or forsake us! Thank you for commenting.​​


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