I Thought I Heard God’s Voice

I heard God’s voice. Loud and clear.

I had been praying unceasingly for a breakthrough in a difficult situation, yet I had such an unsettled feeling about how it was going to turn out – until that day. God replaced my tension with His peace. I heard God voice the reply I had been waiting for: “I’ll come through.”

As time moved on, I continued to tell myself, “There is still time for God to come through; I know I heard Him correctly.” However, time kept moving, and then time ran out. The breakthrough I had fervently prayed for did not come to pass.

Then doubt crept in. Did God really say what I thought He said? Was it my imagination? Was it wishful thinking? Perhaps Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known,” was meant for someone else. Maybe it was meant for EVERYBODY else. Except for me.

Then the questions started. “God, did You forget what You told me? Did You forget about this situation? Did You forget about me?”

I got frustrated that God did not do what I expected Him to do. I considered giving Him the silent treatment, at least temporarily. Then I had guilt about being frustrated with God and also about avoiding Him.  

While I tried to sort through those confused feelings, I came to the realization that I DID hear God’s promise correctly. However, I filled in the blanks as to how He was going to accomplish it. When He did not do it the way I supposed He was going to, I doubted He was going to do it at all. 

I had happily accepted His assurance, but I had assumed His approach.

If we compiled a list of adjectives to describe God, the words predictable and conventional would not make the cut. Our unpredictable God frequently employs unconventional methods. 

When God grants us His unmatched “calm down, I will come through,” peace in relation to a promise He has made, our jobs are to 1. accept the peace, and 2. allow Him to choose how and when He will bring the promise to completion. What a blessing to know He is a promise-keeping God who always comes through.

Prayer: Lord, help me hear Your voice and trust Your ways. Help me feel Your Presence as I wait in confidence and expectation. Amen.

My sheep recognize my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 (TLB)

16 thoughts on “I Thought I Heard God’s Voice

  1. Rachel Lee

    Yes! This is such a powerful truth— God IS faithful, and He DOES come through, but in His way, and in His timing. I’ve doubted the voice of God before, for the same reasons mentioned above. It’s important that we not insert the how and when into His plan. But oh so hard to do, especially when we are hurting.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Sesame

    Not too long ago I asked some people when do they hear God most. Is it when their hearts at at peace and they’ve spent some quiet moments with God? Personally I seem to hear God most when my heart is troubled. In times of peace, I just have this inner knowing when He’s working in my heart

    1. gthielges

      Hi, Sesame – thank you for commenting! Yes, what you said makes sense…when our hearts are troubled, we often seek His voice and guidance more!

  3. adaughtersgiftoflove

    Believers should hear the voice of the Spirit, the still, small, voice in the quiet time of prayer, the closer we are the more we hear, we need that personal relationship, rest in His love and let Him work His mysterious ways.

  4. Heather Hart

    This is so true! Our God is trustworthy and true – He is unchanging, but He is not predictable, and His ways are not our ways.


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