That Wasn’t What I Expected, Lord…


Lord, I was confused for quite some time about that answer. “Yes,” would have made perfect sense, and I felt prepared to accept the blessing that I requested. And I was prepared to thank You for it.

But You said, “No,” and it came out of nowhere because I thought all signs were pointing to You responding to this prayer the way I hoped.

I felt blindsided, Lord. And You are very well aware of that because I told You several times. And then I asked several times, “Why, God?” And I did not sense an answer.

I began to realize I was in need of a heart check. I prayed that You would adjust my attitude to one of gratefulness, not one of bitterness. And while You were probing my heart, my eyes needed an exam as well. I needed You to clear my vision; to help me to focus on the many blessings in my life, instead of what I thought was missing.

Lord, I know in the future there will be more unforeseen responses to my prayers.  Remind me that whether or not I understand Your reply, it will be good. It will be right. It will be the answer that allows Your, “All things work together for those who love the Lord,” promise to be on display in my life. Lord, help my definition of good to be in alignment with Your definition of good.

Lord, from now on, help me to invite You into my heartache instead of shutting You out. Help me to acknowledge and appreciate Your Presence in my pain. If I intentionally listen for Your voice, my heart will be open to new and exciting lessons about Your restoration and redemption.

Lord, I am grateful for Your blessings. You bless me with more than I deserve and more than I could ever earn. You generously give to overflowing out of Your deep love, even though I too often zero in on the empty areas because of my short-sightedness.

You take no delight in my distress. You are willing to teach, guide, and love me through disheartening moments. You come alongside me. You never barge in and insist that I instantly proclaim Your plan as better than mine. Instead, You tenderly offer Your enlightenment, as I process the pain and revitalize and regain trust in You.

Lord, You have promised hope and a future to all Your children. Help me realize that if I am trusting You with my future, it also means believing that You know what You are doing in my present.  Replace any lingering feelings of lack and loss with Your perfect peace.
In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.

12 thoughts on “That Wasn’t What I Expected, Lord…

  1. Rachel Lee

    This is SO timely, and SO good!! Definitely have my own experiences with prayers that ended in a resounding “no” that left a series of confusion and disillusionment in its wake. To know that He is ALWAYS good— no matter what— is crucial to a walk of faith. It’s not often easy, but it’s always right. Thank you for sharing your vulnerable words today!

  2. gracecoversitall

    Thank you for sharing this! It is something I’ve been thinking on and dealing with quite a bit recently.

  3. Kim Turner McCulley

    Oh, I’ve been in this hard place. One of the reasons I love reading (and writing) blog posts is that someone who is struggling may not be brave enough to share it with their Christian friend, but they can come here–to your post–and discover they are not alone. God bless you! Write on, sister!

  4. realworldbiblestudy

    Beautiful! Sometimes I have to remind myself that God sees me as a parent would see me…knowing more of the big picture than my little girl heart can understand.

    1. gthielges

      Thank you for your comment! And I agree, He sees us as a parent would…that’s such a good way to think about God’s perspective versus our perspective. God bless you!


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